I Built a Table.

No, that wasn’t a euphemism (and I have no idea what it would be a euphemism for if it were one) and it’s not a 3D thing either: Not terribly long ago, I spent two days getting an old (think roundabout 2000) Toshiba laptop back running because I found that my desktop is a fair … More I Built a Table.

Some Lake

‘s another wallpaper. Needed a third well-made exterior scene. Because, and I am loving this, as of this afternoon I’m running three monitors concurrently. Disappointingly, I couldn’t use adaptive subdivision in this scene as it appears to be incompatible with the particle simulation used for the vegetation. Which made this scene unnecessarily inefficient: Adaptive subdivision … More Some Lake

Desert Marker

This marks the fourth scene I’ve done using that Marker model. Though in one of those is was, at best, a background object you had to actually look for if you want to find it. The ground uses a mixture of procedural textures and two image textures, as well as adaptive subdivision (which I had … More Desert Marker