Final Words Regarding Benny


Got the LED strip.

Installed the LED strip.

Put Benny back together.

The lights work.

The LCD still works.

…but the two don’t exactly work together. I might need another diffusor, and I definitely need more juice if Benny is ever going to display anything properly again.

The image shows what Benny looked like once I had him hooked up to my computer again. You can just make out the vague shape of the Saturn V from Lift-Off in the top centre, so the LCD is no worse for wear.

But, I’m finally off the one-monitor thing again. My main monitor now is an old (think 2008) HD-Ready (1366×768) LCD television. Had to buy an adaptor to get that to work.

1366×768 is a crummy resolution. In fact, it’s nineteen per cent fewer pixels than the secondary monitor, which I’ve been lamenting since Benny came down with a bad case of The Darkness Within. But this telly has those few pixels on thrice the surface area. It’s a 32″ screen. And let me tell you, it rocks for gaming. That and the fact that my productivity issue was really primarily on account of having but one screen means I’m actually quite okay with how this turned out.

On a side note: The heavy purple tinting in this photograph is a fault in my phone’s camera sensor (which seems to be common with early HTC One M7s, as my cousin has the same phone and the same issue and so do people on various sites you can google). If you go through the scenes I’ve made, you may notice a similar purple tint on several renders. That’s actually an overlay made from a picture I took while completely blocking the camera sensor, added to the render in post-processing using the Compositor. After all, the term is photorealism and photos I take definitely have that quality (or lack thereof).


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