Not So Final After All


This is the same screen as in the last entry.

Benny’s alive!

You may notice that you can actually tell what’s on it. An effect actually worsened by the camera sensor, aside from the bright spots the image is quite, quite decent.

So what did I do?

Removed the power supply unit from the LED strip and put a 9V battery on it. Suddenly it was most decidedly bright enough to use as a monitor. Of course the 9V battery won’t last forever, but the LED strip is rated for twelve volts, so I’m going to finagle a Molex connector to it and plug it straight into my computer’s PSU.

I also dismantled an old PSU to extract the on/off switch, and the 9V is attached to the wires via a connector retrieved from an old smoke detector.

If there’s anything I’m good at outside of 3D rendering, it’s definitely jury rigging.


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