NOW I’m Done With Benny.


I cut the LED strip down to the width of the LCD panel, and put it where the original backlight went – a simple line along the bottom of the panel.

That gives it a much better angle on the diffusor slash prism that forms the bulk of the panel (as it is a large pane of glass).

So even with just thirty-two (unless I miscounted) LEDs as opposed to the previous three hundred, the screen is now much more evenly and indeed pleasantly lit. There are, as of now, only two downsides:

  1. It’s a bit dim.
  2. The light is running off a 9V-battery.

Maybe I’ll get myself an AC adaptor for the LEDs, that would also increase the voltage by a whopping thirty-three per cent and therefore, possibly, fix both of those in one fell swoop.


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