Woodworking, and Dying Parts

Yesterday, I once more descended into the garage with a table saw, a cordless drill and all the scrap wood I could carry, and I built a desk. A nice, wide desk that can accommodate all my monitors.


Two of them, anyway, since the third is using a wall mount.

That went quite well. I came back with two tables, one aforementioned desk and the other a dedicated keyboard table that can slide underneath the other one, keyboard and all.

This went without any significant complications.

Once the desk was in place, I then went about migrating my computer to it. This also went without any significant complications.

Then, however, I turned on the PC. That did not go without any significant complications. Specifically, after a few minutes it went “click” and turned off. Entirely. The power button did nothing. I disconnected the power altogether, reconnected, still nothing.

In the end, it was the power supply. Thankfully it died without taking any of the other parts down with it. Less thankfully, to install the new one, I had to take out the motherboard. So I figured, if I’ve already got the computer for all intents and purposes disassembled, why not install it in the new case I already have?

And so I did. This case has more fans than the old one, which is nice, it has room for cable management, which I screwed up more than a little because the PSU doesn’t have detachable cables and I’ve never done this before, it has all the things you could want from a case.

Except room for certain things, leading me to abandon the optical drive (which technically would’ve fit, but I honestly don’t NEED it) as well as the card reader and the floppy drive.

Now that all of this is done, there remain only two components in this PC that have been a part of it since I originally got it in March of 2008: The actual motherboard, an ASUS P5K SE, and one of the three SATA cables.

Does it even count as the same computer anymore? Microsoft sure seems to think so, otherwise it would’ve revoked my Windows licence. But what do they know.


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