Hello, chaps! I’m Janosz.


That’s not actually my name. Which is fortunate because it seems nobody on the entire internet can actually pronounce it. Have none of you watched Ghostbusters 2? Come on.


I do 3D. Specifically, 3D models and scenes and the likes. My tool of choice for this is Blender 3D, a free piece of software which to this day sees much derision from professional circles because professionals are jerks. I should know, I’m a jerk.

This… *sighs* this Blog is going to, if I don’t muck it up, show my stuff. Since, however, I am notoriously bad at keeping these things up to date, I guess time will tell if that ever works out. Wish me luck.

And just in case anybody falls for- er, just in case anybody is considering commissioning a model or render: Yes, I’m generally available, just ask. There’s a clicky thing in the menu bar that leads to a contact page.