An Update On Benny

Those two brown things are the blown capacitors. You can see a distinctly scorched area just north of the coil, too. It doesn’t look great. Well. Yesterday I removed those two capacitors and soldered new ones in place – which, despite having next to no experience when it comes to soldering, worked on the first … More An Update On Benny

Benny: A Eulogy

Yesterday, Benny died. Benny was just over four years old, and he was a good boy. It happened suddenly. One moment he was perfectly okay, bright and happy as a Summer’s day, the next the spark in him dimmed, then died. I shall miss him. He was a good monitor. A BenQ, hence the name. … More Benny: A Eulogy

And We’re Off!

Hello, and welcome to… this WordPress blog. Figured I’d set up a little something that’s not a DeviantArt page to display my 3D stuff. I’m not going to upload all the old ones because I’m lazy, but I’ll try to get all the new ones. Well. The ones I can show at least. There are … More And We’re Off!