I Built a Table.

No, that wasn’t a euphemism (and I have no idea what it would be a euphemism for if it were one) and it’s not a 3D thing either: Not terribly long ago, I spent two days getting an old (think roundabout 2000) Toshiba laptop back running because I found that my desktop is a fair … More I Built a Table.

Painted M4s

The other day a friend of mine had trouble deciding on a colour scheme for his M4 carbine. So I helped! After all, I already had an M4 model that was, for the most part, very similar to his. So I just played around with the materials and, for the sake of quicker prototyping, didn’t … More Painted M4s

Pixels: Duke Nukum

Yes, it’s Nukum. That’s not a typo. The first game was originally released under that name because Apogee were under the erroneous impression that Nukem would be copyrighted. It’s a wallpaper (one of a series of sixteen, to be precise), but it doesn’t fit into either Scene or indeed Model. So into Other it went.

Bug Martini 3D

One of the best webcomics I read – and, really, one of only two I consistently read – is Adam Huber’s Bug Martini. So I figured, what the hell, I’ll try to recreate the characters from that comic. I think I captured them fairly well – although clearly I’m nowhere near the comedic genius that … More Bug Martini 3D